30 November, 2007

o the places youll go!

well, at least vicariously through me!
heres the agenda for our trip (in case you wanted to pray for our safety/ just wanted to know where in the world i was)
Dec 1- 3 PARIS!
Dec. 6 ROME (for the afternoon)
Dec. 9 Milan (for the afternoon)
Dec. 10 back to London
Dec 11. HOME! (after a 10 hour and then 2 hour flight......)

thats pretty much it! weve tried to find hostels that have free internet but we shall see how that works when we get there. if i do get internet for short spurts ill be updating my parents thru email before i get to this....so ask them lol, and if you dont have that number then thats probably for the best!

have a wonderful week!

last one for awhile

today is our last day./.....but ill get to that later

yesterday we packed and cleaned....which doesnt even look like much because it seems that we will be doing that all day today as well! we went out for lunch to a great place called Dionusys and all i had was hoummus but it was great! amanda and i shipped some stuff home (uber expensive, but im glad HU gave us money to cover it) and the we went to our final group dinner at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese....it was ok apparently some guy wrote the dictionary there...idk. i had bought a bag of poppers and we popped them EVERYWHERE and then drank some sparkling white grape juice to be all riske' hahahaha.
then i got my final back for english. not only did i get 100% but i got 5 bonus points AND a 100% A in the class.
not that im bragging or anything
no really, im just excited

did you know you had lymph nodes in the back of your head? well you do. and mine are swollen......

ok, now back to today. im doing my last load of laundry right now. im in the computer lab so i dont have to climb so many stairs! but its gonna be over so soon. and its bittersweet. i mean, this being over just brings us one step closer to the homes weve longed for for so long (o man im getting sappy). but im gonna miss everyone so much.

im already crying

28 November, 2007

an update much llike the last

last classes! thats right, we are DONE and as im typing this i only have one final left!
we also stood in line and got tickets to King Lear with Ian Mckellen! it was a good show
we went to stratford and warwick castle. both were really fun, we had to say goodby to tony, our faithful driver (we only didnt have him once) he was really nice and a great person. im gonna miss him. and the bus that was our home for so long!
first two finals over! we went to abbey road and took pictures and got some memorobilia! we met this really nice lady in the Elvis shop who gushed about American and made Amanda and i want to cry and go home immediately. at least there are ony 13 days! we also went back to the British Museum to take pictures and have begun to wind down, im already packing and trying to clean as i go! its tough when you cant just put things in bags to take home in the car! on the agenda for tonight- watching RENT and studying.....

so, the blog that i read all the time now got me interested in taking close-up pictures. at first it was just really fun but now, it gets me looking into the small things in life. yes, large, beautiful things are impressive. but those are so usually man-made. what about the small gifts, like flowers that God gives us? those are the best gifts and the most beautiful i think. so thank you ree, for helping me see the beauty in the small stuff!

the fact that this is an LSU flower is just coicidence......it was just one that i had edited today and i loved it!

24 November, 2007

the update to end all updates!

man, ive been slacking! so sorry!
ok, so since my last post, Michelle has come and gone, and so have like two weeks! weve been going non-stop. especially when we realize that we leave London in a week! GAH! Amanda and i are getting our free travel plans ready. We are going to Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Florence and Milan and then we are coming back to London b/c thats where our fligh leaves from.
hmm, Thanksgiving was good.
Windsor Castle was fun again, saw this really cool dollhouse of Queen Mary's. It had real electricity and the cars ran on gas and the books in the library were written just for her! and then we saw the dolls that had been given to Princess Margaret and Elizabeth..they were HUGE! think "my-size barbie". and the clothes were made by real designers.....and they had cars.
Today was alot of fun, Amanda and I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum, the to the Christmas Village outside of the Natural History Musuem and then we cued up for Macbeth b/c its sold out for the rest of the run (which is only a week) becuase PATRICK STEWART is in it and i met him and got his autograph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
also, Paul McCartney was at the show....but he ran away out a different exit...lame i know!

This past Sunday at Wembley was different. A couple of weeks ago, they didnt have a lesson...just singing and The Lords Supper and then they asked all visitors to leave. We had/have no idea what was/is going on, but the difference in the whole demeanor of the church was so apparent! they were much friendlier and the songs were newer, the spirit seemed to be lifted on everyone! it was welcome. I am sad that this is our last week with them, as i can see how they enjoy having us here with them (our group of 30-ish nearly boosts their numbers ALOT)

nothing else really big more later
miss you!

22 November, 2007

but yet i have so much!

its my first thanksgiving away from home. wierd how i dont really care then....tis just a week off of school for me ya know? but i guess, as the days are being counted down until i go home, a holiday can really take its toll! this thanksgiving is soooo odd. i mean another state is one thing but another country? continent? wow....its so hard to find things that are normal for everyday eating let alone special occasion foods! at least sweet potatos are here!
anyway heres my "thankful list" for this year
the opportunity ive had to be in London and meet wonderful people and make new friends and help old friendships blossom
fruit juice
clinique happy heart
innumerable movies and books
girl talks
being able to sing songs (no matter how weird and how bad i sing) at the top of my lungs or while doing odd dances
christmas songs

oy there are so many more! our thanksgiving "feast" begins in about one hour. ive made sweet potato casserole and cant wait to eat it! im thankful for that too! Thanksgiving in London is much different of course, but the part where we are a family...have been since about sept 20 lol and we are together. thats whats important!

miss you all sooooo much! you should comment and tell me what YOU are thankful for...thats a good idea i think

20 November, 2007

i got nothin

thats right NOTHIN'
well, its not like i had something huge planned to begin with....but my two best friends arent going to be at home this summer! how odd. i dont think ive ever had an ENTIRE summer like that. im not looking forward to it
o i mean, ill get a job....hopefully counsel a couple of sessions of camp, you know the usual but itll be soooo different. also, im not ruling that the annual "hey harding students, we need counselours for our camps too" job fair wont bring any results......im just lamenting about change here. its something that ive never dealt with very well ever. just ask anyone. i dont know, maybe il end up doing something fantabulous but for right now, its a weird feeling, knowing ill be alone

17 November, 2007

so yesterday i was reading my new years resolutions

and i have NOT been doing very well at all
no coke
no fries
watch less tv
read my Bible more
keep my grades up

ok,so im actually doing well at the last two. but the rest.....the no coke and fries thing went out the window in february. it comes back every now and then but doesnt stick. and tv. o dear. esp last semester and this summer.....there wasnt much else to do! but maybe with the writes strike/not having anything good to watch here ill be able to cut down....

apparently i missed a good show last night.....i did my best to stay IN bed.....but doing that for 10 straight hours just doesnt suit me....and there are a limited amount of movies here......o well next time a celebrity is in a show maybe i wont be sick........

16 November, 2007

so i keep trying to upload pictures

but the lovely internet that we have here isnt tho most reiliable of servers.....so youll just have to wait for the slide show at the surprise coming home party i KNOW you are planning for me!

latest news, my favorite musicals are Hairspray and Wicked.
i got to see both of the shows this week and its official now, i loved the music and in some cases love the movie or other stories that go along with them! they are so wonderful!

in other news Michelle is here visiting during our free days! thats really nice, i dont know when ill get to see her again until AT LEAST july when she returns to the states....so this visit is nice. theres only one downer

im sick. ok, so i have been for awhile now (having to ascend or descend 74 stairs to get anywhere makes life seem longer) but im stubborn, i cant not do things just b/c i dont feel well.....but now im feeling the bad parts of that i think i even got a fever last night as wicked my ears and throat are hurting so bad i dont know how i got to sleep last night/this morning! it sucks that this is happening when chelle is herei dont want to stop doing things, but i dont want to be crabby either. BOOOO!

ok, well im going to try and take a nap before the day begins.....

10 November, 2007

so i found this new blog.
well, its not new, its old really but its new to me
but its wonderful and funny, and real and love-story-ish

its www.thepioneerwoman.com
when you go, read everything. read her love story with her husband its called black heels to tractor wheels: a love story
because of her i want to take pictures of everything and photoshop them

and post more pictures on my blog

o and get photoshop, so i can do that.
and a digital camera with different lenses.
and be a millionaire

a girl can dream right?

07 November, 2007

so much has happened!

so much that im not going to give you the da-by-day play-by-play!
ask me later, i may be nice

I got to see The 39 Steps, which is a comedic take on Alfred Hitchcocks film of the same name. If you are ever in London, i highyl reccomend it. I also got to see Les Miserables last night! It was good depressing but good. I dont understand how its peoples favorite show. I cant wait until i get to see Wicked. Ive been waiting for this for a LONG time and i get to see it with two of my favorite people in the world!

the roof is the best place to see fireworks

any museum with the title of Tate isnt worth it. not at all

there isnt nearly the amount of medicine in England as in one Walgreens. being sick here bites

Oy1 ive been drafted as Amandas stage mananger (a position i havent filled since High School). also next semester i am directing my own show. pray for us all!

sometimes when you are near people alot, you get frustrated with them. its only human. we are getting frustrated. alot. and no one wants to voice feelings which only makes it worse right now....the little things keep building up ive noticed. please pray.

05 November, 2007

today is guy fawkes day

So here is a poem that erm...celebrates? today. It is Guy Fawkes day. There are fireworks and bonfires. We are gonna watch V for Vendetta later tonight as well!

Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I know of no reason
Why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.
Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, t'was his intent
To blow up King and Parliament.
Three-score barrels of powder below
To prove old England's overthrow;
By God's providence he was catch'd
With a dark lantern and burning match.
Holloa boys, holloa boys, let the bells ring.
Holloa boys, holloa boys, God save the King!

alright, well i will try to post something like my weekly update later, but im not feeling well so sleep reigns supreme!