18 June, 2010

Once upon a time

I went to camp...a week ago. Since then Ive been working and catching up with friends. It is so very nice to have been missed while I was away. Ive also been avoiding being at home because its hot. And no, it wasn't hot because I didnt leave a fan on or warm because I live in Louisiana. This past week if it was 99 degrees outside, it was 110 in. Thats right-my air was out! To add to it the internet was gone as well so home was....miserable! My sister and I are at my parents house now-the guy has pushed back installation times TWICE now and we were dripping sweat (I knew you wanted to know!) Its been a rather uneventful week other than that. I return to camp tomorrow and if you want to-write me
Courtney Myer
Camp Smiling Acres
933 Smiling Acres Rd
Greensburg, La 70441

see you on the flip side