19 April, 2011

A hand to hold, A shoulder to cry on

thats what Im missing about my HU friends right now. Someone who can be there further than the pity drinks they are so willing to buy.

These are the times when I miss sonic runs, and the dorm and walks around campus and so many more other times of randomness when My friends and I got to just be there for each other. Im so jealous of those moments! Anyway....if you read this, say a prayer for me. These next two days arent going to be the easiest in my life. I truly hate funerals.

17 April, 2011

Booty Camp

ok, its not really called booty camp, thats just what we've nick-named it...you know cos it will kick you in the booty? ha...ha?

I completed my first full week (4 days) this past week. Boot camp actually started the week before...and so did I but then came down with the WORST sinus infection ever! So this week was my first full week. I really enjoyed it! As sore as I come out of it, I can already feel a change in myself- for one thing, I don't tire as easily! During the workouts, and after all I crave is water so that has helped as well. I really like learning new exercises and challenging myself...which lets face it aint hard. Its really hard to move all this weight around to try and do some of these things though. I can see now that this is going to be a journey. It won't be easy to lose this weight-its going to take work. A lot more work than I thought but I feel up to the challenge.

I just bought a swimsuit because the youth group is going to the beach in two weeks. I know that miracles wont happen between then and now, but 5 pounds will make a difference! 10 pounds would be fabulous. We will see real life ain't like The Biggest Loser! Anyway, I felt bad this weekend because I didnt work out Friday or Saturday....however I did a LOT of housework Saturday so I think that counts towards my goal. I just did a 30 min. mini workout while watching TV. It felt good to be moving again and I think Ill make it a goal to do that more often!
I will be ready for camp
I will walk up the hill more often this year!
I will be able to do regular burpees soon!
I will eat healthier!
I can and I will!