25 June, 2007

camp post one

so, i went to camp last week. im soo glad i got the opportunity to go! being a counslelour at this session was much different than being a camper, i think i appreciate the sacrifice more than i ever did. there were tons of great things that happened this week! SIX baptisms and a whole host of other things! God was truly working out at camp! even though we did loose power for most of one day lol, and it poured on us fr two, we made the best of it! i watched my first ever hannukah ball tournament.....that was a waste if time. my team for team sports was pretty amazing. we didnt lose a game until wednesday! i think it was because everyone was so tired. my morning games didnt go over so well. ive never done very well with explaining things.... there were no major injuries which is always a good thing

more later

15 June, 2007

counselours love mail too!

Camp Smiling Acres
933 Smiling Acres Road
Greensburg, LA 70441

thats my address for the next week!
i think its the first time ever that i havent started packing yet and its already friday. o dear
tomorrow i go to jennes wedding. its still very weird to think about.

i should probably go pack now.....

03 June, 2007

plans change........

its june now
i went to the wedding of a guy i grew up with and a girl i went to school with yesterday in mississippi.
two weeks from yesterday, i will go to the wedding of one of my best friends. we arent as good of friends as we used to be but time heals all wouds and i still love her.
i will also be leaving for Camp Smiling Acres that day. im super excited but sort of scared. im counseling the high school session this year. my sisters vote of confidence is that im a bad counselour...i guess thats why i havent been asked to counsel any other sessions. im more scared that i wont do a good enough job in the God area. i guess ill just have to pray about it.

my plans for this summer pretty much fell through. i was supposed to get a job at canes and work hard all summer to make money for free travel. but people plan and God laughs. my first week back, i secretaried at the csc. no big, still got paid. my second week, i baby-sat for my cousins who are 9 and 14 mos. now, that is my job. i love them...but i wont be making NEAR as much money for my trip. and when my sister is in ireland, i will be taking her job over....watching my OTHER cousins who are 10 and 8 which will be interesting. i need things to do with all of them.......im sick of being home! we will be going to the library and the park......there just needs to be more FREE things to do gas is expensive enough.