22 September, 2011

Started a book study with the HS girls about praying for their future husbands, praying for themselves while doing it. So excited to share the book with them as it encourages their prayer lives.
I have been so content being single, feeling blessed by the freedom it has allowed me lately in my work and in my free time
but today
today, all i want is a date to see The Lion King.

Do I have anyone special in mind? No, God hasn't shown me anyone yet. But I had to tell someone and this venue seemed to be the best...no only way to share it.

Really, I need an excuse to get all dolled up and be pretty for me...not someone else! ME!

Being single is frustrating! Oh my.

19 September, 2011

My other Best Friends Wedding

Lets just start by stating that a girl can have (and needs) more than on best friend. Im pretty sure I have 5...though we havent ever sealed it by getting "Best Friends Forever" necklaces that break in half and remind us of each other. I think they are wonderfully cheesy tho hahaha!

Last year, I was maid of honor to my college roommate. Classic best friend story yeah? It was great fun and a memory of that will be in my heart always.

This past weekend, I was there for my oldest friends wedding. She didnt have a wedding party (in classic Mandy "i dont do things like Americans do" fashion) but did surround herself with her friends. I was honored this weekend to be among them and have a hand in the ceremony (close friends walked the aisle, prayed with them during the ceremony and I was in charge of the train!). The intimacy of this ceremony was like none I had ever seen or been a part of. It was beautiful and classy and unique. Perfect.

But there were many moments that made me think. Mostly about the traditional "Mother of the Bride" jobs. I know Im not one to speak on typical family roles, I'll be the first to admit that I'm not as close to my family as I would like to be...but that its my fault as much as theirs, however there are some VERY important things I want my mom to be involved in as/if my life got to the part where I get married.

1. Dress Shopping
2. the rehearsal
3. getting ready
4. changing into the "get away" dress

I also know that she will make me crazy in all of that. ALL of it. Its who she is, its our relationship. Its what I expect. And thats ok. But it is my desire to have all of that. And until then, to grow our relationship. Because I love my friends. They are the family i chose. But the family I grew up with, the one I was born into....they deserve work too.