26 March, 2011

I had two teeth removed on Thursday morning.
No complications, no pain really, I felt fantastic the day after (yesterday) and went out to eat with my friends.
Today however. Today I feel/felt like crap. All the energy and life I had yesterday was ZAP gone and Im now back in bed, resting and hoping that I can get some things done today. Ugh! Im not liking this feeling at all.

16 March, 2011

i am RIDICULOUSLY dependent on facebook and twitter for entertainment. Its official. and annoying. However, having the constant feeling to check on everything there makes me want to check in with God and talk to him....so i guess this fasting of sorts is working.

however i did click onto twitter twice today, simply out of habit. my iphone doesnt want me to miss out on social media lol!

in other news, i was hit on at church today. no, not for real (at least i really dont think so) but since a friend is in town from school, we went out for gelatto! We did debate between beniegts and that for a second and the theme of "something sweet" came up and this guy i never met said "it doesnt matter where we-we've got you!" bahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahaha

im still awkwardly laughing about that.
oh man.
its about 6:20 am wednesday morning and i want to be on twitter. i need someone to know that blackbird is one of my favorite songs ever and it made my heart happy to hear Kurt sing it on Glee.

seriously? who am i to force everything in my brain on someone else?

anywho, ive given up Twitter and facebook for the next three days so i can pray about a interview that I will have on Friday. So im doing my best to focus on God and NOT on fb and twitter.

its 6:24 and I really want to tweet about it. ugh

08 March, 2011

Yesterday was a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day. I wanted to move to Australia and pick my toes to get away from life yesterday. But then something strange and awesome happened

A friend called. And while I had been begging for a phone call or a text from a close friend, God once again gave me Mac n Cheese instead of plain bread. He gave me conversation, encouragement, a sympathetic....no an empathetic ear to the struggles I had encountered that very day. Now, who knows why L called me? He claimed it was to right the wrong of the fact that we hadnt spoken in a year (not because of a fight just because as adults with jobs we are....busy) and that was good and wonderful and Im so very glad to hear his voice and hear that he is alright but I needed someone who was with me in my trench to talk to and God gave me that.

God is awesome!

01 March, 2011

Marching on

I didn't blog in February. I tried to. I wrote lots of things then I would leave the page because nothing was going anywhere. It seemed so pointless. Plus, so much happened. I cannot possibly begin to expound upon that but lets just say that my imaginary readers are lucky that I didnt whine about Valentines day, my new job or rising gas prices.

In just 6 short months, I will be 24. 24.....ummm what? Thats no longer "early twenties" thats well on the way to "mid-twenties". Ummmm seriously? I cannot possibly be nearing mid twenties because people in their mid twenties know what they want to do with their lives. They have life goals, 5 year plans, spouses...sometimes even children. Me? Im perfectly content with saying "Im here for now because God said stay. I know He wants more from me one day and Im biding my time until He says go". But even people at church look at me funny when I say that. My parents are good about it though, still very supportive. However there is a part of me that is saying "What kind of terrible, lazy daughter are you to not go get a job that pays back all your student loans by the time youre 26 and then you can pay back your parents for everything, save money and be able to give freely?". That part of me is easily silenced with the part of me that likes to be crafty (because shes louder than analytical Courtney) but she is still there, naggingly perfect in her work suit and low-heeled practical shoes, representing so many people who need me to be more and can't find it in themselves to trust with me that God has a bigger plan than we can see. So im marching on. Continuing each day praying that I am doing the right things while God shows me that I am. While he shows me that being trusted can be overwhelming because I cannot solve anything without His help and guidance. While he shows me that working CAN be fun, you ought to enjoy what you do and that whatever people say about what you ought to do-it doesnt matter as long as you LISTEN to what God says "here is what I want you to do"