09 October, 2009

I rarely got sick before I began college. Since being at college, I have acquired allergies, Ive had Bronchitis, the Flu, an Ulcer, some ridiculously awful sore throats, strep throat and mono.
Those last two completely changed the rest of my semester. The powers that be removed me from the musical. I understand that they want me healthy. I appreciate that they are acting as surrogate parents and I know that this was a hard desicion
But this was my last show, my last hurrah as an HU theatre student. I even had a line! I know performance isn't my strong suit, so stop thinking it. I KNOW. But I also know how much I love being on that stage. I know what I expected from this semester and this isnt it.
And everything about this disappointment is reminding me Im pretty much alone and once I graduate I'll have to figure out life for myself on my own. I don't really know that I can do this.