29 March, 2007

so i havent posted in awhile

ive been really busy. between school and work i barely have time to eat let alone blog.

and yet, here i am typing away as if time stood still. luckily the only real homework i have for tomorrow is......HAHA nuthin!

im so tired, i just want to rest. i am the seagull. No. thats not it. im an actress thats it.

25 March, 2007

she looked at me curiously, those big blue eyes wondering and then it came. her eyes, round as saucers, lit up her entire face as she said "do you remember me? i remember you!"
lara is two. her family participated in "Fiddler on the Roof", they work on campus and attend the same church i do. we see her often and its GREAT! times like this make me miss home the most. i miss kids, and babysitting and seeing their excited faces.

on another note, one of my theatre professors', Robin Miller, dad is in bad shape. he has been battling cancer for awhile and had a heart attack wednesday. Mr. Miller hasnt been in class since then and, when he was on campus has stated that he doesnt expect his father to last much longer. he has asked us to pray for peace in this situation. so please do. i know his father has been suffering for many years now and Mr. Millers' mother passed several years ago. please pray

19 March, 2007

The Spring Break Game

it was long, and boring....but i didnt expect much more. except maybe my friends to invite me out.......o well, thats why i have friends here...

thursday night i saw BRMHS's performance of "The Taming of the Shrew" HS kids shouldnt do Shakespeare..... but to their credit, the big, funny parts were great!
friday my dad and i went to see "The Pajama Game" which is a very cute, fast-paced musical.....about a 7 1/2 cent raise.......dated is an understatement but i LOVED it!
saturday we drove to searcy....
sunday, i woke up at 7 to go to church....it was my only ride! but when we got there we were ALONE! there was no one there! we had a good laugh and i went to church later, then i tried to learn my lines......thats still a work in progress
today was weird. considering i wasnt lacking for sleep this week, i was dead tired and actually had coffee before/during chapel. it was like no one wanted to be back today, even the professors

we only have 6 weeks (7 including exams) left. this semester is indeed shorter! Im slowly getting more and more excited about England, its a very tangible thing......but first to get through ANOTHER summer...*sigh*

o and my mid-term gpa is a 3.2
im pretty happy with that!

12 March, 2007

open wide and say.....eeee?

yep. that's what i did today! i went to the ear nose and throat doctor and she had to put a scope through my nose and down to my throat to see what was going on. ive finally stopped sneezing and the low anesthitc has worn off after a nice afternoon nap. apparently after being sick for so long the natural reflux that everyone has is just hurting me more. boo! but ill be ok. *sigh*

tonight I'm watching "One Night with The King" the Hollywood story of Esther. its very intriguing. my next movie is "The Black Dahlia" and then the first season of one of my favorite shows "Prison Break" ive not missed an episode of the second season but i missd the first completely! so, i must catch up!

ive just finished reading a book called "Dreamland" by Sarah Dessen. Ive enjoyed all the books Ive read by this author and this one is NO exception. This story follows a girl named Caitlin and the tumultuos year that follows after her sister unexpectedly runs away just days before she is to start school at Yale and Caitlin is to start another year of high school. Caitlin then begins a relationship with well, no one she should of course...... it was REALLY good. i dont think i can say more without giving things away
the other book ive just finished is "Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood" i think this is the final in the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" series.....i enjoyed it but have lost complete contact with the characters. its hard to see them make decisions that i make and things like that, maybe in a way i connected with them but lost them in the sea of the choices they made. except for one. Carmen (how funny is that) she is, unfortunately, the only virgin left of the four at the end. but she is an actress. i think her struggles with self-image mirror my own in so many ways. hmmmmm

08 March, 2007

going home for spring break! how exciting lol!

in the lull of absolutely NOTHING happening there (at home) here are some things to keep you occupied

you should go here and see the AMAZING story of this little boy and his family, its amazing how prayer works!

this place has some GREAT games.......my roommate and i tend to play them for long periods of time........

you can go here to watch some of your favorite television shows

ill be spending a lot of time (but not money...cos i have none) here and here...tho i still have a gift card to the second place!

pray for the roommate....shes going to haiti this week!

this is the new Bible i got for HUE....my "normal" Bible is HUGE i think it wieghs about 4-5 pounds.....which im NOT carrying around on free travel!

i think thisll keep you entertained for HOURS....if not.....go here.....great comic.....i like vendetta...is that awful?

"Great are the works of the LORD; they are pondered by all who delight in them."
Psalm 111: 2

06 March, 2007

a kiss to build a dream on

i dont like not feeling 100%. when my acting teacher notices (which means i cant hide it anymore) thats BAD!

spring break is next week and i have a large amount of lines to memorize but for the most part, no homework....just "rest" and tv-watchin.....or maybe DVD's.....tv aint so great these days

i had another HUE meeting ( HUE stands for Harding University in England). After the meeting, the Tullos family (our main chaperones/teacher/small child to keep us entertained) and a couple of the people went to Dairy Queen (classy) and discussed trip stuff. Im really happy to have such easy-going people that i get along with really well going on this trip. we have several "free" days where classes arent being held. on those days, we can go...ANYWHERE within a days distance! so....england, france......thats soo cool. we also have two times during the semester that we can go to places like Barcelona or Amsterdam (where my current roomate will hopefully be working next year...) or Munich. I think we also have the LONGEST free travel at the end of our semester. 18 possible days! we wont travel that long of course....i think wed kill someone by the end of that but.....11 sounds reasonable! i just cant wait for HUE!

last weekend we had a Zeta Rho retreat. it was FANTANSTIC! called "women on fire" and we had a great time of sharing and laughing and things. it was great because i rarely get to spend alot of time with my ZP girls and this was nearly 24 hours of bonding! we played really silly games like "never ever have i ever" and "who should _____ date?" it was a nice weekend to just let go and let God

1Kings 19 11-12

The LORD said, "Go out and stand on the mountain in the presence of the LORD, for the LORD is about to pass by."
Then a great and powerful wind tore the mountain apart and shattered the rocks before the LORD, but the LORD was no in the wind. After the wind, there was an earthquake, but the LORD was not in the earthquake. After the earthquake, there came a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper.

i hope you find God in todays gentle whisper