27 July, 2008

sometimes it takes me quite a while to write on this thing, its summer and blogging life slows down just as real life presumably does. i have just been really very busy and havent had much to say.

however, today i do

arent you the luckiest!

the last two weeks, i have been in two classes instead of my usual one. At first during this session, i was only taking Statistics. then my friend susan, was afraid that the Bible class she enrolled in would get cancelled, so to make it look like people wanted to take it, i enrolled too. Also the more hours i can rack up before next Spring, the easier it will be to remove my residence from harding to somewhere....OFF CAMPUS! so you see i had completely selfish reasons for taking this class.

This class was on the book of Ephesians.....which was also the basis of CSA first session this year. I think its haunting me......

ANYWAY, however excited i was to be taking just one more hour, i was excited to learn, it is indeed something i enjoy. this book had so much for me to learn, and has helped me understand so much more than that! i truly enjoyed taking this calss and all of the insights it offered. it was wonderful, i hope that other Bible courses I take will be just as "worth it"

13 July, 2008

Post # 124

Sometimes I wish that people could see how frustrated I am at myself and leave me be for a second.

i may not look fragile but that does not mean i do not want/deserve to be taken care of.

Summer is going ok. Right now Im sitting in an entirely too warm coffeeshop using their free internet b/c the stuff i "borrow" at my house is being lame. School is going well so far, i am starting a new class tomorrow on Ephesians! I am not working as much as i wish i could, but im looking for jobs on and off campus that dont require tooo much time/energy.....school and Oklahoma are going to take a LOT of time. Im going to make an appointment tomorrow to get my knee checked out- FINALLY! Its been a painfule few weeks for me.

Ive made a new friend and gotten closer to some older ones which is very nice. Im just sad that things will change so much when school starts again.

i wish this summer would slow down
i wish i had time to take a break
i wish i knew why im not sleeping
i wish i knew why i keep tearing up
i wish this didnt sound so EMO!