13 July, 2008

Post # 124

Sometimes I wish that people could see how frustrated I am at myself and leave me be for a second.

i may not look fragile but that does not mean i do not want/deserve to be taken care of.

Summer is going ok. Right now Im sitting in an entirely too warm coffeeshop using their free internet b/c the stuff i "borrow" at my house is being lame. School is going well so far, i am starting a new class tomorrow on Ephesians! I am not working as much as i wish i could, but im looking for jobs on and off campus that dont require tooo much time/energy.....school and Oklahoma are going to take a LOT of time. Im going to make an appointment tomorrow to get my knee checked out- FINALLY! Its been a painfule few weeks for me.

Ive made a new friend and gotten closer to some older ones which is very nice. Im just sad that things will change so much when school starts again.

i wish this summer would slow down
i wish i had time to take a break
i wish i knew why im not sleeping
i wish i knew why i keep tearing up
i wish this didnt sound so EMO!

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