23 June, 2008

Camp Smiling Acres First Session 2008

I went to camp.
I wanted to do good things
even if it meant only for one person
i think i did well.

It took me a week to write more than just those words above!
First, I think I ought to tell you readers (cos i know i have sooo many) that I did indeed injure myself this year.........I dislocated my knee and yes, it hurt and it still hurts......*sigh*.

Now, Camp was simpy amazing. I wish that feeling could last forever! The feeling that God is so near, that I was so close to Him.....I hate when I get hit with the problems I face outside of that and forget. I know what I need to do and yet I dont, I know I ought to be more thankful and repentant, but that would make the real me show now wouldnt it
and we simply cannot have that.

I love being back in Searcy. I have had alot of fun with my friends this week, we tie-dyed t-shirts! and i got a FISH! He is a Beta and his name is Mr. Darcy. He is blue.

Tomorrow I start my Summer II class.........Im thankful and glad to have something to give my attention to!

i hope you have a good day

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