14 August, 2011

So a LOT has happened since I last blogged.

1. I quit my job
2. I got a job that pays 3x my old one (Im the nanny to Austin and Adaline-3 month old twins!)
3. I decided that I am worth it. "It" is respect and complements and love and time and and and. Im trying to find confidence in myself and exude that confidence.
4. Im doing my best to pray more. Because my mind is doing its best to worry more. I cant stand how much im worrying-and its getting me nowhere fast. I also have some very specific things on my heart that I need to pester God with :)
5. I moved back in with my parents. As much as im loving the free food and the U-Verse tv, I am so ready to be on my own....again. I love my family and it is nice seeing them more often but I am 23.....OH so close to being 24! I have goals of catching up on my loan payments, putting money in my savings account (again) and getting my own place. (one that takes dogs....i also plan on having a dog)
I think that about sums it up for now!