17 September, 2010

This week, I have
- watched an entire season of Buffy, The Vampire Slayer
-worked 2 days of my 5-day week
-observed an amazing Montessori Class in full swing
-observed Montessori at the Elementary level
-had far too much fast food bc the thought of grocery shopping made my foot swell
-went grocery shopping and had my foot swell
-got my hair done
-didnt have little fingers play with said hair-therefore it is still soft and shiny
-thought about throwing all my old clothes out
-freaked and didnt because im absurdly sentimental
-cried when Buffys mom died
-cried when Buffy died...again
-missed having human contact beyond my roommates
-wondered if I am going entirely bonkers
-missed my friends oh so much. oh so much.

10 September, 2010

Yesterday after I had had a wonderful two mile walk with Meags, I took a shower because I was sweaty and stinky and I was planning on going to a friends house and watching my Saints beat the Vikings. Again.

And because I had everything so well planned out, something went terribly wrong.

I fell. Hard. On the way down I hit my nose, bottom, elbow, scraped my knee and fractured my toe. I did some real damage in two short seconds! I am so thankful for a mom who lives nearby, health insurance and the kindness of strangers today! I was quite overcome with how many people wanted to help me hobble along as I was at the doctors office and even when I was just at school.

I am also thankful that I never throw away pain pills. They come in handy every once in a while.

09 September, 2010

My dear blog,
I have neglected you so! Im sorry for not blogging about my birthday celebration in New Orleans and how it started out wonderfully but ended terribly. Im sorry for not blogging about how my church family made it wonderful again simply by remembering to say Happy Birthday. Im not sorry for whining about being 23. I mean seriously, we have hundreds of days for that! I am however very sorry that I haven't blogged about walking the lakes here with my bff since 4th grade Meagan. I know I am enjoying the time spent with just me and her especially since she left me here for a year while she was in Paris. My coworker said I looked like I was slimming down a little! Yay! I guess two miles 4x a week will do that. And soon, I will add ballet class again! Hurrah!
Im also sorry about not blogging that I get to help out with the HS group! I love them and am really excited about being there with them and for them! In fact I planned my first silly girls event thing this past weekend. We made t-shirts and watched a movie (romantic comedy) and had a great time- though I will hesitate to initiate another movie night in the future! It seems to me that things are going well. There are things that I still want and ( I think) need but a song that has been on my heart lately "Firm Foundation" has a line that says "I have a living hope, I have a future, God has a plan for me, of this I'm sure" and I sang that in complete security that it was true.
Saturday I will begin classes to become Montessori certified. Im excited about the training, knowing more about my classroom and just getting familiarized with the Montessori method in general but the class is an hour away (2 hrs round trip) and I don't know anyone there yet which of course brings about dread and anxiety in my life but Im praying that I can make friends (esp since my trip to HU falls on a weekend that I would have class-Im gonna need notes!) and have a great time- and of course pass!
until I blog again :)