29 August, 2007

its y birthday and im tired
i should just go back to sleep but i may just lay on the couch and watch some tv.
my other plans for today you ask?
well, i need to start doing work for one of my classes and i think we are going to Chilis for dinner.
an exciting way to kick off another decade of living eh?

27 August, 2007

my weekend

ive had a wonderful weekend.

friday, i left for arkansas. to spend some time with friends i wont get to see for awhile. my first stop was Conway. Bekah lives and goes to school there. i got to spend time with her and some of her friends at the college group for UCC, which is also the church where Dusty Rush preaches! friday night, when i got in we went to a movie night and on saturday, we went on a float trip! id never been and it was alot of fun. then we went to a talent show at UCC which was fun, im glad we went. o and you should check out Dustys site for footage of his.....performance....lol. then bekah and i watched a movie...a very good one if you are in the mood to cry but im not allowed to pick movies anymore lol. sunday i went to church and listened to a wonderful sermon. after that, i went to a yummy place called shorty smalls and had a burger! and spent some more time with the college group of UCC after that, i said goodbye to bekah and drove to searcy. ever since then ive been bouncing back and forth from place to place seeing people and hanging out. my side of most of my conversations has been
hey !
yeah my summer was goodm how was yours?
no no, im gonna be in england/ yeha im not really here this semester im going to be in england
i know! im soooo excited.
ok, ill see you later ill be here till wednesday

over and over again. and sometimes im sad that im not really here. that im gonna miss out on the musical and pledge week. but i just keep telling myself. shows. school in ENGLAND! over and over again

21 August, 2007

so yesterday i wrote a facebook note to my friends about their first day of school (Harding) and several people were concerned taht i wasnt at school.
then one of my old roommates texted me and told me that i absolutely had to visit her before i leave.

its nice to be missed and cared for.

also yesterday i went shopping! Tanger has some OK sales right now. But i was exceptionally excited about the sale on sweaters and such at the Gap. i got two long-sleeved tees and a sweatshirt and thin jacket (for layering) now all i need is a new pair of pants or two and ill be set. there are four weeks between me and europe right now. wa-hoo!

20 August, 2007

its been nearly a decade since i began middle school and this morning (quite literally) i re-hashed everything that happened. i know i thought everything was such a big deal then but i know now how ridiculous i must have sounded. goodness!

my friends are gone. there are few people here who i can call friend and 3 of them left last week for Harding and 1 will leave this week as well....i know im going to visit them in like 4 days but STILL its lonely.

i need to clean my room. its a mess. i need to sleep, ive been up since yesterday. bah.

dont go see Superbad. in 15 years, dont let your kids see it. just an FYI. that movie was not worth my matinee fee. i nearly walked out. its definetly a guys movie and i was the only girl with 6 of them yesterday. BADDDDD

16 August, 2007

gift idea # 2

a DVD. those are GREAT gifts, maybe a season of shows such as Will & Grace, Little House on the Prarie, M*A*S*H, MONK, PSYCH , Greys Anatomy, Law & Order, ER. or even musicals, even if i havent seen them

i am soo bored.
forgive me.

by the way, dusty if you read this ill be in your town aug 26 with some friends, see you there?

14 August, 2007

since i dont have much to blog about right now, im going to use the next 15 days to give the part of the world gift ideas for my birthday.
let it be known i dont actually expect ANY gifts, this is just something fun to pass the time.....

gift idea #1
gift card. these are NOT a cop-out in my book, they simply imply that you know that i love knick-knacks but rarely have a place to put them, and that you know better that to buy clothes without my input!

in other news, there are 5 weeks until i leave for HUE. and my "things to do before leaving" list is actually getting shorter! little by little.

13 August, 2007

i hate being emotional sometimes.
sometimes it can get you out of things,but right now its just in the way

16 days.......

09 August, 2007


i "lost" my job........and thats all ill say about that. but because of that i can sleep in til 830, (i know im a teenager so i should be able to sleep past 830 withouth forcing myself but i cant...) and clean my room, file for my dads LOVELY secretaries etc. ect.ect. Its been a fun week tho, on my loverly new MacBook ive been having fun figuring it all out. Im uploading all my music right now....as I type!
a movie comes out tomorrow that i may as well see by myself, but im finally at a place where i dont feel like a COMPLETE loser for doing that.

ive been planning my wedding since i was a little girl. i cant wait to wear that white dress (without shoes) and hold that bouquet ( gerber daisies-summer, red roses-winter) but so many times that dream seems just that, a dream. and its funny, none of my really close friends are anywhere near marriage (ie as far as i know, we are all single) but sometimes even with friends, you feel lonley
im really depressing sometimes, sorry

anyway, thats all to ask you married ladies, did you get your "dream wedding" or did you not even care when it all came down to it?

05 August, 2007

today was a nice, easy sunday. i went to church, lunch swimming and then to a life group.
mr eddie taught about forgiveness, something i struggle with alot. i tend to remember little minute details, good and bad.
especially the bad. i dont know why, they just stick. if someone were to say "ive never done you any wrong" i can bring up, not only the situation and the words that were said, i could tell you what they were wearing when it happened. i dont understand how i do this, and with my big mouth i never can keep quiet about it. but i think todays lesson had an impact on me.
we studied joseph. how his brothers did him wrong and left him for dead, then sold him into slavery. he was falsely accused and put into prison! but when josephs brothers unknowingly came to him for help, did he have them whipped and killed? did he send them away with nothing as we think he should? no. he helped them. and not once is it recorded that he brought up what they had done to him. he LET IT GO. and i dont know how he did it, but im going to pray for the strength to do it too.

04 August, 2007

i <3 stamps....and other things too

today i went to my firtst stampin up party! i like stamps, they are very forgiving! i also had a blast and, naturally am now addicted!
for the past three weeks or so, ive been going out nearly every night-which pretty much equals spending money right? yep! but for the past couple of days, (since thursday) ive been staying home! (technically i spent thursday night at the chesneys, playing the Wii and selling lemonade but whatever) its been fun,
i officically told my aunt that thursday, Aug 23 is my last day. and since Kyla starts school on friday ill only have Kay to contend with.

i dont like to take pictures. ive been realizing that lately, i dont like to take them...because ill miss whats happening behind them and i dont like to be in them because....well just because.
its just something thats been on my mind

24 days!