25 August, 2010

Ive Got a crush on you....

Ok, so not really. I promised myself a long time ago that I wouldn't get crushes. Crushes take time in your life and space in your heart that I decided a long time ago belonged to God, myself and eventually the man I will marry.

Wow, thats a serious start for the silliest, girliest post I think I'll ever have. You see, my birthday is Sunday. Birthdays are important to me. Your birthday, yes you dear reader (all 3 of you that I know of) is important to me! It makes me happy God put you on this earth and happier still that you are my friend! I get to celebrate you and tell you how wonderful you are and how much you mean to me and buy you presents (i like to see people open presents). For me, well, I just like presents hahaha! I like the phone calls, the texts, the fb posts. I eat it up! Well, see theres this boy I used to crush on. I would be lying if I said I wasn't attracted to him now but thats besides the point. Well, he told me today he though he had forgotten my birthday. Not only that, but he woke up thinking it. Woke up thinking of me.

It made me all giddy inside hahahaha. Makes me very happy when I know that people randomly think of me. esp boys.

ah well, today I am happy! John texted from TX saying classes are going well, some awful things are working out in my favor, and there are only like 3 whole days until my birthday. 2 until I can have sugar ( I went off of it this week in hopes that the sugar intake that will happen this weekend won't kill me) and go to NOLA to a piano bar! Holla!

22 August, 2010

I published this prayer on my other, secret blog (which may not be so secret after this) but I wanted to share how Im feeling and not have to write this all over again.

Keep me in your prayers eh?

Dear God,
I feel so utterly defeated. Every move to grow closer to You, to do want I think you want me to do, to walk on the path of righteousness is being blocked. Lord, please help me in this storm! I am hurting, I am thirsty for the living water you provide! Shower me with that. Let me be a light. Please don't let my light be dimmed. Please Lord, let me be a warrior in this world so more souls will see the beauty of the next!
please be there for me

20 August, 2010

Tonights Conversation

Hannah (who is 19, blonde, beautiful and recently had to choose between two guys) : Courtney, Im gonna be you tonight
Me (who is not Hannah. Not one bit.) : What do you mean?
H: Im gonna stay in and watch Netflix tonight
M: haha. its cheaper! And what happens when you are 23 and single
H: Oh God! I hope not me!

Then I continued to do what she said I was doing plus laundry and ate some chicken psghetti. Oh and I did the dishes. What now? 23 and single is the thing to be

17 August, 2010

Movies about friendship suck

Ok, so maybe they don't. But at the same time, they do. They promise things about friends and friendship that simply aren't true anymore. Here are a few to share for today
Chances are, you won't have the same friends you grew up with-if you were lucky enough to have grown up in the same city/school from birth-college.
When you go to college, you don't end up staying there. You move away and so do your friends.
That special group of friends is a rarity. Girls are catty and end up breaking such groups apart before they've had a chance to weather any storm together
people hate the phone
calling becomes a hassle
your friends get married and their husband and new family become a priority (no one can make a marriage work when their friends come first)

And yes, I do know how bitter this sounds. Really, I just miss my friends. A lot. We all have lives to live and are busy and and and. But nothing can cover the fact that I am still lonely. I have the strep throat so Ive been watching Netflix all day. Netflix tries to pick movies you like which for me seem to be British Romances, kids movies, musicals and what they call "sentimental". I call them tear-jerkers. Anyway, I don't think I have felt the impact of this loneliness I have felt until today. It tore me apart!

I wish moving to Texas or Nashville or California or anywhere else friends have jokingly said for me to move to were a reality.

sorry for being bitter. send me a hug via text to make me feel better :)

15 August, 2010

Whew! Days fly by when you are having fun!

I have always enjoyed weekends! When I was little, it was time spent with my family that I enjoyed so much about them. As I grew older the break from school and its routines was welcome and refreshing! In college it meant more time to work and an extra hour to stay out! Now it means two blissful days away from tiny people needing me for everything. From having to be aware of everything going on around me, breaking up tiny fights, giving permission to do anything, dealing with whining/crying/yelling/hitting potty accidents and worst of all parents. I tend to throw myself into the weekend full-force.
Lets sum up this weekend
Friday- I planned to see Step Up 3 with Meagan-we got there and it wasn't at the time specified unless we wanted to see it in 3D. Needless to say that wasn't gonna happen. So instead, I went and got another tattoo! Then we had sushi and home.
Saturday-Shopping till we dropped. Then I started feeling sick so I went home early
Which brings me to now. Ive been home all day in bed with a cold. It has been quite a bleh day indeed! At least I have gotten a lot of rest today!

Tomorrow I am once again back to the daily grind I can't wait for Tuesday dinner to start up again so that I can have a break in the monotony of it all :)

11 August, 2010

Bekah is home to visit. And we've blocked off this afternoon for friend time. I love her SO much! When I get older and tell my daughters (the fake ones i have with my imaginary husband) about my childhood friends, I cant wait to tell them about the summer Bekah and I spent at each others homes every other weekend!
Needless to say, Im excited about seeing her!

In other news, Texas is still on the "Most Hated" list, having taken Kristen on Monday oh well. Life goes on!

Im thinking about becoming a part of another church. Seriously this time. I love my home church and the people and the opportunities that I have to serve but Im not being fed completely right now. So, with much trepidation, I am looking for a singles ministry in town. Who knows, maybe South will get the picture and stop ignoring this growing ministry op but until then, Im a-lookin'

On the job front, Im going to get my Montessori training! Yay! Its two weekends a month for four months! Thats it! Oh yeah and a HUGE final in January but then I'll be licensed to teach for reals yo. And I'll get paid more! And the school will be eligible for another star credit, which means more money from the state and more parents interested in the center! Nope, there isnt any pressure on me to take this course at all. Not. At. All.

and last...but certainly not least ITS BIRTHDAY MONTH! In just 18 short days I will be 23. And single. But employed. And single. With a cat (Ted). And single. And two college roommates. And single. Oh well, at least this single girl has friends to celebrate with!