15 August, 2010

Whew! Days fly by when you are having fun!

I have always enjoyed weekends! When I was little, it was time spent with my family that I enjoyed so much about them. As I grew older the break from school and its routines was welcome and refreshing! In college it meant more time to work and an extra hour to stay out! Now it means two blissful days away from tiny people needing me for everything. From having to be aware of everything going on around me, breaking up tiny fights, giving permission to do anything, dealing with whining/crying/yelling/hitting potty accidents and worst of all parents. I tend to throw myself into the weekend full-force.
Lets sum up this weekend
Friday- I planned to see Step Up 3 with Meagan-we got there and it wasn't at the time specified unless we wanted to see it in 3D. Needless to say that wasn't gonna happen. So instead, I went and got another tattoo! Then we had sushi and home.
Saturday-Shopping till we dropped. Then I started feeling sick so I went home early
Which brings me to now. Ive been home all day in bed with a cold. It has been quite a bleh day indeed! At least I have gotten a lot of rest today!

Tomorrow I am once again back to the daily grind I can't wait for Tuesday dinner to start up again so that I can have a break in the monotony of it all :)

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