11 August, 2010

Bekah is home to visit. And we've blocked off this afternoon for friend time. I love her SO much! When I get older and tell my daughters (the fake ones i have with my imaginary husband) about my childhood friends, I cant wait to tell them about the summer Bekah and I spent at each others homes every other weekend!
Needless to say, Im excited about seeing her!

In other news, Texas is still on the "Most Hated" list, having taken Kristen on Monday oh well. Life goes on!

Im thinking about becoming a part of another church. Seriously this time. I love my home church and the people and the opportunities that I have to serve but Im not being fed completely right now. So, with much trepidation, I am looking for a singles ministry in town. Who knows, maybe South will get the picture and stop ignoring this growing ministry op but until then, Im a-lookin'

On the job front, Im going to get my Montessori training! Yay! Its two weekends a month for four months! Thats it! Oh yeah and a HUGE final in January but then I'll be licensed to teach for reals yo. And I'll get paid more! And the school will be eligible for another star credit, which means more money from the state and more parents interested in the center! Nope, there isnt any pressure on me to take this course at all. Not. At. All.

and last...but certainly not least ITS BIRTHDAY MONTH! In just 18 short days I will be 23. And single. But employed. And single. With a cat (Ted). And single. And two college roommates. And single. Oh well, at least this single girl has friends to celebrate with!

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