28 February, 2007

replace apple pie with king cake and im right there

The Thankfulness Song-Veggie Tales
I thank God for this day,
For the sun in the sky,
For my mom and my dad,
For my piece of apple pie!
For our home on the ground,
For His love that's all around,
That's why I say thanks every day!
Because a thankful heart is a happy heart!
I'm glad for what I have, Thats an easy way to start!
For the love that He shares,
'Cause He listens to my prayers,
That's why I say thanks every day!
Thank you Lord, also for my friends, who put up with me and encourage me. Who are willing to be silly with me and listen when I have problems. Thank you that I am never truly alone but can always find a smiling face. Thank you, Lord for compliments, teach me one day how to take them, to be thankful and not try to blow them off. Thank you for Sweet Tea and Sonic and fun songs in the car. And thank you Lord for Jesus. Thank you for the sacrifice you made through him.
I love you
In Jesus' name

27 February, 2007

26 February, 2007

the oscars and gossip...trust me it makes sense

tonight my roommates and i basked in the glow of other peoples fame. thats right, we sat through the entire oscar awards show tonight (while clicking in and out of Youre the One that I want....vote Laura and Chad!) We laughed and generally had a good time. but we accoplished nothing but giving in to Hollywood. we do that often. I buy a copy of People Magazine as often as i can. i claim that its for the crosswords but really, im curious about whats going on. always. especially here on campus. our suite is pretty much known for the gossip that goes on in it and i can say that im a HUMONGUS contributer in that. i can keep a "secret" if need be, but id rather not. i like to hash things out, get others opinions and the like.

frankly i think its because i feel like i have no life. but thats just an excuse.

gossip is one of the things that is keeping me from a closer relationship. its so easy to slip into it when an innocent conversation begins. i wonder sometimes why i can say "its non of my buisness" sometimes i say "have you heard about...."

anyway, all this to ask for prayers. for strength to remove this sin from my life

22 February, 2007

since today was such a beautiful day, my friends and i decided to play. well really, bask in the beauty of the warmth God provided! it was marvelous. after, we decided to trek over to Camp Wyldewood to check out the cliffs. This is what we found. We had so much fun just enjoying everything. It was truly a gift that i hope i no longer take for granted!

19 February, 2007


its no fun being sick
especially when people think you have mono
then they call you and warn of the dangers of liver damage, hepatitis C and death
scare you into wanting to go to the doctor again
i almost do
but if i dont have mono, then what?
and if i do, then what?
they cant do anything about it at all.
rest is preferred, but im stubborn about that.
theres too much that i want to be involved in.

dear God,
please help me know what to do. im scared and sick and exhausted with the worlds choices. whats your advice?
i love you

16 February, 2007

so many moms

Every wednesday night, I attend a Bible study at the home of Dr. Steve and Mrs. Dottie Frye. They are AMAZING servants of God. They welcome us into their home and give a a regular boost during the week, along with Dr. Dan Stockstill. Because of this study, I have gotten to enjoy many different lessons, prayer sessions and times of song. This is the highlight of every week for me. Last wednesday, we talked about blessings that we have seen in the past week. Obvious ways we saw God working in our lives. If they would have asked me today, I would have to say I have at least 4 "extra" moms here. They have their own children, lives and jobs to worry about but they take time out to worry about me. I have the cellphone numbers of two of them and the rest, I could call at home if I ever needed them. What a blessing. Being 8 hours away from my own wonderful mother makes it especially hard when I am sick (like right now). I have TONS of moms offering for me to stay in their homes, for them to take care of me like I was their own. Its overwhelming. An overwhelming fountain of love.

14 February, 2007

ive been reading Jeremiah.
its a long book.
a long book about the faults of Israel.
but there are several good points in it.

Last night I read Chapter 35. This chapter is about a family known as the Recabites. Strange name, I know. Anyway, God told Jeremiah to visit them in His name and give them wine to drink. The Recabites said no. They said no to a prohpet of God. Why? Because one of their ancestors told his son that neither he nor his decendants should drink wine. They have obeyed that command ever since. My handy-dandy references say that they obeyed this for 200 years. 200 YEARS!
For 200 years, they obeyed a command. And I cant keep one for a day. What does that say about me?

why today is bad.....badbadbadbadbad!

today is valentines day.
i dont like it
its commercial
its completely forced
its fake
and im alone
and being alone, especially here makes life miserable. here at harding, it seems like EVERYONE has someone. everyone has that husband, wife, fiance, girlfriend/boyfriend, or something close to that. but not me. ive never had that sort of relationship. i dont know what God has in store for me but i hope its not wrong that He wants me forever single. ive always wanted someone to love, to care for-who cares for me
in the words of Eliza Doolittle
"all i want is a room somewhere, far away from the cold night air. with one enormous chair. oh wouldnt that be loverly! lots of choc-late for me to eat, lots of coal making lots o heat. warm face warm 'ands warm feet oh wouldnt that be loverly? someones head resting on my knee, warm and tender as he could be, who takes good care of me oh wouldnt it be loverly?"
maybe out of order, but its what i remember.
anyways, i cant wait for a valentines day when i have a valentine to share it with. but honestly, i hope that he can show his love year-round, and not on one special day. thats silly. I Love You can happen anytime, dont let hallmark force it outta you!

08 February, 2007

i dont understand

but at the same time i cant stop wondering.
how can i think of a mans pain on earth without thinking of Jesus?
a man who yes, had impact on my life but without Jesus, i wouldnt be here at all. i wouldnt have the hope of seeing Him in heaven one day with everyone rejoicing and praising him all the time. that seems alot better than just dying.
so why cant i just think of Him? why cant i just release my wants and follow His will? how does that become so hard so fast?

07 February, 2007

living in a different dorm is taking a toll on me. im not getting enough sleep and i think im actually getting a cold-thing. its not very fun at all.

but i should stop whining. because yesterday was beautiful. we ended the day at around 62 degrees and the sun was shining. i was able to have a much needed conversation with a professor and get work done on costumes-which still arent finished BUT ive cut down on the time i need to spend in there today! but because of the conversation, im going to HUE next semester for sure and i may be going somewhere at the beginning of spring break. dont know yet! more later!

04 February, 2007

so, last night.
we were enjoying a really, really nice dinner at TGI Fridays like really nice, we did the appetizer entree and dessert thing, our appetizers were GREAT and we were having a nice time. i happened to look at my phone and i had a couple of messages on my phone, so i ignored phone etiquette and listened to them. one was a person who i dont ususally chat on the phone with so i called her back *cos she said to and it freaked me out* and everything went in slow motion from there. our room had been flooded, the sprinkler system had gone off and we needed to return. so we left. we had tickets to a sold out showing of West Side Story that a friend was in. we went back to a floor that was sopping wet and thank God we didnt have anymore damage than that, the floors under us didnt fare so well, i feel bad for them.

im learning a lesson about anger, how it grows and affects people, and how hard it is to rid yourself of it when it surrounds you in the form of roomates!

second verse,same as the first!

ahh! another blog, how......much time do i really have? oy!
all that happened yesterday to come in another post...