16 February, 2007

so many moms

Every wednesday night, I attend a Bible study at the home of Dr. Steve and Mrs. Dottie Frye. They are AMAZING servants of God. They welcome us into their home and give a a regular boost during the week, along with Dr. Dan Stockstill. Because of this study, I have gotten to enjoy many different lessons, prayer sessions and times of song. This is the highlight of every week for me. Last wednesday, we talked about blessings that we have seen in the past week. Obvious ways we saw God working in our lives. If they would have asked me today, I would have to say I have at least 4 "extra" moms here. They have their own children, lives and jobs to worry about but they take time out to worry about me. I have the cellphone numbers of two of them and the rest, I could call at home if I ever needed them. What a blessing. Being 8 hours away from my own wonderful mother makes it especially hard when I am sick (like right now). I have TONS of moms offering for me to stay in their homes, for them to take care of me like I was their own. Its overwhelming. An overwhelming fountain of love.

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  1. it is a wonderful blessing to have so many loving people around when your far from home isn't it! I think that if I was not so far away from home I would look past this blessing!