14 February, 2007

ive been reading Jeremiah.
its a long book.
a long book about the faults of Israel.
but there are several good points in it.

Last night I read Chapter 35. This chapter is about a family known as the Recabites. Strange name, I know. Anyway, God told Jeremiah to visit them in His name and give them wine to drink. The Recabites said no. They said no to a prohpet of God. Why? Because one of their ancestors told his son that neither he nor his decendants should drink wine. They have obeyed that command ever since. My handy-dandy references say that they obeyed this for 200 years. 200 YEARS!
For 200 years, they obeyed a command. And I cant keep one for a day. What does that say about me?

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