14 February, 2007

why today is bad.....badbadbadbadbad!

today is valentines day.
i dont like it
its commercial
its completely forced
its fake
and im alone
and being alone, especially here makes life miserable. here at harding, it seems like EVERYONE has someone. everyone has that husband, wife, fiance, girlfriend/boyfriend, or something close to that. but not me. ive never had that sort of relationship. i dont know what God has in store for me but i hope its not wrong that He wants me forever single. ive always wanted someone to love, to care for-who cares for me
in the words of Eliza Doolittle
"all i want is a room somewhere, far away from the cold night air. with one enormous chair. oh wouldnt that be loverly! lots of choc-late for me to eat, lots of coal making lots o heat. warm face warm 'ands warm feet oh wouldnt that be loverly? someones head resting on my knee, warm and tender as he could be, who takes good care of me oh wouldnt it be loverly?"
maybe out of order, but its what i remember.
anyways, i cant wait for a valentines day when i have a valentine to share it with. but honestly, i hope that he can show his love year-round, and not on one special day. thats silly. I Love You can happen anytime, dont let hallmark force it outta you!

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  1. trust me girl being single is not all that bad...especially if you just have not met the right one for you yet. just remeber that God has bigger and better plans for you. plans that you can not even imagine. Just work on your love for Jesus (which I know you do) and everything else will work out for you. God gives you the desires of your heart and is the only person who knows what is best for you!! besides who wants to wait for hours to eat out anyways??? if you ask me that is a little overrated :)