25 July, 2012

I read 3 blog-ish posts today. The first was from a site called "to write love on her arms". Google it. It was about a comic-blogger who was struggling with depression. She had in fact drawn a HILARIOUS post about how it feels to feel sad for no fcuking reason whatsoever. A post I frequent because it makes me laugh because I can relate The second was this lady's response to the many "where are you" messages the interwebs were receiving on her behalf. Poor dear is struggling. She wrote her post on a good day and then got swallowed up with the bad. Thankfully, she pursued help and has a support system thats willing to put in work to help her. Lucky The third was a food blogger. Im not a devoted fan of many blogs at all, but this girl lost some major weight and didn't only eat cottage cheese and lemon water. She eats like a NORMAL person and it inspires me. So I hopped over there today. Come to find out, shes struggling with depression as well. When I was first diagnosed, I thought that I could just get better. Or ignore it and pretend to be better. I did the latter for so long. I was great at it. I wish I could do it again. But for some reason, things are different. The little things get me down. I would LOVE to solve this my own way, but thats no good. I would tell my besties but they are far away, busy with their own lives or don't understand. I rely on God (who is there, don't get me wrong) who is enough, but not physically here to give me a hug and not let go until I cry it out. Im not sure what the point of this post was but the fact that the things i read today pointed to what I was struggling with was too much to let fall into the "hmm, that was nice" corner of my mind. Somethings at work here I pray its good.