25 April, 2007

i know its silly but im jealous of the people who get to work with/on Wizard of Oz next semester, i know...ill be in England but STILL the Wizard of Oz has been my favorite for EVER i mean seriously, its the ONE musical i knew id actually consider changing my mind over.....*sigh*
its storming here, is it where you are? i got SOAKED on my way home tonight and im exhausted

16 April, 2007

the good times

he tapped me on the shoulder so i turned around and smiled. after a second or two i asked him what he wanted. he said " oh nothing, just to see you smile."

all of the sudden, there was someone by my side. i looked up and she said you have a beautiful voice. as soon as she said it she was gone.

when its moments like these, i love that i wont ever forget them.

06 April, 2007

i got a 114/110 on my Life of Christ exam. (the highest score was a 116...there were 117 possible points)
thats all

03 April, 2007

the tavern....and the other things going on in my life

the tavern:
great show! im soo excited about it. its alot of fun. tonights rehearsal was well, scary! not really it was hilarious!

i love it when classes are cancelled.

thats pretty much it. o wait, i got some new clothes today! that was fun! hopefully *hint hint father* ill get more mail soon, i so love getting mail. mail is FUN!

goodnight, may your dreams be filled with laughter