26 February, 2007

the oscars and gossip...trust me it makes sense

tonight my roommates and i basked in the glow of other peoples fame. thats right, we sat through the entire oscar awards show tonight (while clicking in and out of Youre the One that I want....vote Laura and Chad!) We laughed and generally had a good time. but we accoplished nothing but giving in to Hollywood. we do that often. I buy a copy of People Magazine as often as i can. i claim that its for the crosswords but really, im curious about whats going on. always. especially here on campus. our suite is pretty much known for the gossip that goes on in it and i can say that im a HUMONGUS contributer in that. i can keep a "secret" if need be, but id rather not. i like to hash things out, get others opinions and the like.

frankly i think its because i feel like i have no life. but thats just an excuse.

gossip is one of the things that is keeping me from a closer relationship. its so easy to slip into it when an innocent conversation begins. i wonder sometimes why i can say "its non of my buisness" sometimes i say "have you heard about...."

anyway, all this to ask for prayers. for strength to remove this sin from my life

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