04 February, 2007

so, last night.
we were enjoying a really, really nice dinner at TGI Fridays like really nice, we did the appetizer entree and dessert thing, our appetizers were GREAT and we were having a nice time. i happened to look at my phone and i had a couple of messages on my phone, so i ignored phone etiquette and listened to them. one was a person who i dont ususally chat on the phone with so i called her back *cos she said to and it freaked me out* and everything went in slow motion from there. our room had been flooded, the sprinkler system had gone off and we needed to return. so we left. we had tickets to a sold out showing of West Side Story that a friend was in. we went back to a floor that was sopping wet and thank God we didnt have anymore damage than that, the floors under us didnt fare so well, i feel bad for them.

im learning a lesson about anger, how it grows and affects people, and how hard it is to rid yourself of it when it surrounds you in the form of roomates!

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