25 August, 2010

Ive Got a crush on you....

Ok, so not really. I promised myself a long time ago that I wouldn't get crushes. Crushes take time in your life and space in your heart that I decided a long time ago belonged to God, myself and eventually the man I will marry.

Wow, thats a serious start for the silliest, girliest post I think I'll ever have. You see, my birthday is Sunday. Birthdays are important to me. Your birthday, yes you dear reader (all 3 of you that I know of) is important to me! It makes me happy God put you on this earth and happier still that you are my friend! I get to celebrate you and tell you how wonderful you are and how much you mean to me and buy you presents (i like to see people open presents). For me, well, I just like presents hahaha! I like the phone calls, the texts, the fb posts. I eat it up! Well, see theres this boy I used to crush on. I would be lying if I said I wasn't attracted to him now but thats besides the point. Well, he told me today he though he had forgotten my birthday. Not only that, but he woke up thinking it. Woke up thinking of me.

It made me all giddy inside hahahaha. Makes me very happy when I know that people randomly think of me. esp boys.

ah well, today I am happy! John texted from TX saying classes are going well, some awful things are working out in my favor, and there are only like 3 whole days until my birthday. 2 until I can have sugar ( I went off of it this week in hopes that the sugar intake that will happen this weekend won't kill me) and go to NOLA to a piano bar! Holla!

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