27 August, 2007

my weekend

ive had a wonderful weekend.

friday, i left for arkansas. to spend some time with friends i wont get to see for awhile. my first stop was Conway. Bekah lives and goes to school there. i got to spend time with her and some of her friends at the college group for UCC, which is also the church where Dusty Rush preaches! friday night, when i got in we went to a movie night and on saturday, we went on a float trip! id never been and it was alot of fun. then we went to a talent show at UCC which was fun, im glad we went. o and you should check out Dustys site for footage of his.....performance....lol. then bekah and i watched a movie...a very good one if you are in the mood to cry but im not allowed to pick movies anymore lol. sunday i went to church and listened to a wonderful sermon. after that, i went to a yummy place called shorty smalls and had a burger! and spent some more time with the college group of UCC after that, i said goodbye to bekah and drove to searcy. ever since then ive been bouncing back and forth from place to place seeing people and hanging out. my side of most of my conversations has been
hey !
yeah my summer was goodm how was yours?
no no, im gonna be in england/ yeha im not really here this semester im going to be in england
i know! im soooo excited.
ok, ill see you later ill be here till wednesday

over and over again. and sometimes im sad that im not really here. that im gonna miss out on the musical and pledge week. but i just keep telling myself. shows. school in ENGLAND! over and over again

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