05 August, 2007

today was a nice, easy sunday. i went to church, lunch swimming and then to a life group.
mr eddie taught about forgiveness, something i struggle with alot. i tend to remember little minute details, good and bad.
especially the bad. i dont know why, they just stick. if someone were to say "ive never done you any wrong" i can bring up, not only the situation and the words that were said, i could tell you what they were wearing when it happened. i dont understand how i do this, and with my big mouth i never can keep quiet about it. but i think todays lesson had an impact on me.
we studied joseph. how his brothers did him wrong and left him for dead, then sold him into slavery. he was falsely accused and put into prison! but when josephs brothers unknowingly came to him for help, did he have them whipped and killed? did he send them away with nothing as we think he should? no. he helped them. and not once is it recorded that he brought up what they had done to him. he LET IT GO. and i dont know how he did it, but im going to pray for the strength to do it too.

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  1. What is lunch swimming? Is that where you lay on a raft in the middle of a pool and someone brings you tiny sandwiches and drinks with little umbrellas? I've never been lunch swimming but it sounds like fun! Kidding - glad you enjoyed the stamp a stack. It was fun to spend time with you.