09 August, 2007


i "lost" my job........and thats all ill say about that. but because of that i can sleep in til 830, (i know im a teenager so i should be able to sleep past 830 withouth forcing myself but i cant...) and clean my room, file for my dads LOVELY secretaries etc. ect.ect. Its been a fun week tho, on my loverly new MacBook ive been having fun figuring it all out. Im uploading all my music right now....as I type!
a movie comes out tomorrow that i may as well see by myself, but im finally at a place where i dont feel like a COMPLETE loser for doing that.

ive been planning my wedding since i was a little girl. i cant wait to wear that white dress (without shoes) and hold that bouquet ( gerber daisies-summer, red roses-winter) but so many times that dream seems just that, a dream. and its funny, none of my really close friends are anywhere near marriage (ie as far as i know, we are all single) but sometimes even with friends, you feel lonley
im really depressing sometimes, sorry

anyway, thats all to ask you married ladies, did you get your "dream wedding" or did you not even care when it all came down to it?

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