04 August, 2007

i <3 stamps....and other things too

today i went to my firtst stampin up party! i like stamps, they are very forgiving! i also had a blast and, naturally am now addicted!
for the past three weeks or so, ive been going out nearly every night-which pretty much equals spending money right? yep! but for the past couple of days, (since thursday) ive been staying home! (technically i spent thursday night at the chesneys, playing the Wii and selling lemonade but whatever) its been fun,
i officically told my aunt that thursday, Aug 23 is my last day. and since Kyla starts school on friday ill only have Kay to contend with.

i dont like to take pictures. ive been realizing that lately, i dont like to take them...because ill miss whats happening behind them and i dont like to be in them because....well just because.
its just something thats been on my mind

24 days!

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