29 July, 2007

and so the coundown begins

i love birthdays. especially mine because i get presents. and ill be the first to admit thats shallow.

but i dont care. i still enjoy it.

i also enjoy celebrating my friends birthdays. im happy they are friends, im happy they are alive, that God put them in my life...and i think that they deserve SOMETHING for putting up with me for my birthday.

I think that last years birthday (or rather birthday WEEK!) was the best ever. Before I left for school I got a car! and then starting Friday i think, we started celebrating. We went to Little Rock that night. Tuesday (my actual birthday) there were cards and flowers and a surprise in class that was well-collaborated with one of my teachers! and dinner that night with my roommates. Wednesday we had LOTS of lefover cake. and while we kept some, we got rid of the rest at Bible study. I cant remember what happened Thursday i think i had Fiddler rehearsal...which was still fun. and then, to top it off Bekah and I went to Little Rock Saturday. It was alot of fun! (btw, we should do that again). I dont think I ever felt so incredibly cared for (by more than my family) before. It was overwhelming, that people knew how much i LOVED birthdays gave so much of themselves to ensure my happiness.

but anyway, theres a month until im no longer a teenager. how odd.

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