20 August, 2007

its been nearly a decade since i began middle school and this morning (quite literally) i re-hashed everything that happened. i know i thought everything was such a big deal then but i know now how ridiculous i must have sounded. goodness!

my friends are gone. there are few people here who i can call friend and 3 of them left last week for Harding and 1 will leave this week as well....i know im going to visit them in like 4 days but STILL its lonely.

i need to clean my room. its a mess. i need to sleep, ive been up since yesterday. bah.

dont go see Superbad. in 15 years, dont let your kids see it. just an FYI. that movie was not worth my matinee fee. i nearly walked out. its definetly a guys movie and i was the only girl with 6 of them yesterday. BADDDDD

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  1. OK - I get the feeling you did not like the movie yesterday. I also get the feeling that you are all grown up - and that makes me feel old. Surprise ! I have a birthday present for you. Look for me Wednesday night.