12 March, 2007

open wide and say.....eeee?

yep. that's what i did today! i went to the ear nose and throat doctor and she had to put a scope through my nose and down to my throat to see what was going on. ive finally stopped sneezing and the low anesthitc has worn off after a nice afternoon nap. apparently after being sick for so long the natural reflux that everyone has is just hurting me more. boo! but ill be ok. *sigh*

tonight I'm watching "One Night with The King" the Hollywood story of Esther. its very intriguing. my next movie is "The Black Dahlia" and then the first season of one of my favorite shows "Prison Break" ive not missed an episode of the second season but i missd the first completely! so, i must catch up!

ive just finished reading a book called "Dreamland" by Sarah Dessen. Ive enjoyed all the books Ive read by this author and this one is NO exception. This story follows a girl named Caitlin and the tumultuos year that follows after her sister unexpectedly runs away just days before she is to start school at Yale and Caitlin is to start another year of high school. Caitlin then begins a relationship with well, no one she should of course...... it was REALLY good. i dont think i can say more without giving things away
the other book ive just finished is "Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood" i think this is the final in the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" series.....i enjoyed it but have lost complete contact with the characters. its hard to see them make decisions that i make and things like that, maybe in a way i connected with them but lost them in the sea of the choices they made. except for one. Carmen (how funny is that) she is, unfortunately, the only virgin left of the four at the end. but she is an actress. i think her struggles with self-image mirror my own in so many ways. hmmmmm

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  1. hey girl! hope you are having a great break!! sorry you are sick...what your otolaryngologist did yesterday is what we are learning about in one of my speech-path. classes. we had to watch an hour and a half of video watching this procedure on different people...it sure did make my throat hurt! hopefully once your back up here and after my break we can go do something together!!