19 March, 2007

The Spring Break Game

it was long, and boring....but i didnt expect much more. except maybe my friends to invite me out.......o well, thats why i have friends here...

thursday night i saw BRMHS's performance of "The Taming of the Shrew" HS kids shouldnt do Shakespeare..... but to their credit, the big, funny parts were great!
friday my dad and i went to see "The Pajama Game" which is a very cute, fast-paced musical.....about a 7 1/2 cent raise.......dated is an understatement but i LOVED it!
saturday we drove to searcy....
sunday, i woke up at 7 to go to church....it was my only ride! but when we got there we were ALONE! there was no one there! we had a good laugh and i went to church later, then i tried to learn my lines......thats still a work in progress
today was weird. considering i wasnt lacking for sleep this week, i was dead tired and actually had coffee before/during chapel. it was like no one wanted to be back today, even the professors

we only have 6 weeks (7 including exams) left. this semester is indeed shorter! Im slowly getting more and more excited about England, its a very tangible thing......but first to get through ANOTHER summer...*sigh*

o and my mid-term gpa is a 3.2
im pretty happy with that!

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  1. Jack and I went to Pajama Game Saturday night. We thought they did a good job with it - as you said "cute" and we really enjoyed it. We go to most of the BRLT productions. This one was one of their better ones as far as talent level. Enjoy the next few weeks!