25 March, 2007

she looked at me curiously, those big blue eyes wondering and then it came. her eyes, round as saucers, lit up her entire face as she said "do you remember me? i remember you!"
lara is two. her family participated in "Fiddler on the Roof", they work on campus and attend the same church i do. we see her often and its GREAT! times like this make me miss home the most. i miss kids, and babysitting and seeing their excited faces.

on another note, one of my theatre professors', Robin Miller, dad is in bad shape. he has been battling cancer for awhile and had a heart attack wednesday. Mr. Miller hasnt been in class since then and, when he was on campus has stated that he doesnt expect his father to last much longer. he has asked us to pray for peace in this situation. so please do. i know his father has been suffering for many years now and Mr. Millers' mother passed several years ago. please pray

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