16 March, 2011

i am RIDICULOUSLY dependent on facebook and twitter for entertainment. Its official. and annoying. However, having the constant feeling to check on everything there makes me want to check in with God and talk to him....so i guess this fasting of sorts is working.

however i did click onto twitter twice today, simply out of habit. my iphone doesnt want me to miss out on social media lol!

in other news, i was hit on at church today. no, not for real (at least i really dont think so) but since a friend is in town from school, we went out for gelatto! We did debate between beniegts and that for a second and the theme of "something sweet" came up and this guy i never met said "it doesnt matter where we-we've got you!" bahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahaha

im still awkwardly laughing about that.
oh man.

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