08 March, 2011

Yesterday was a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day. I wanted to move to Australia and pick my toes to get away from life yesterday. But then something strange and awesome happened

A friend called. And while I had been begging for a phone call or a text from a close friend, God once again gave me Mac n Cheese instead of plain bread. He gave me conversation, encouragement, a sympathetic....no an empathetic ear to the struggles I had encountered that very day. Now, who knows why L called me? He claimed it was to right the wrong of the fact that we hadnt spoken in a year (not because of a fight just because as adults with jobs we are....busy) and that was good and wonderful and Im so very glad to hear his voice and hear that he is alright but I needed someone who was with me in my trench to talk to and God gave me that.

God is awesome!

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