19 September, 2011

My other Best Friends Wedding

Lets just start by stating that a girl can have (and needs) more than on best friend. Im pretty sure I have 5...though we havent ever sealed it by getting "Best Friends Forever" necklaces that break in half and remind us of each other. I think they are wonderfully cheesy tho hahaha!

Last year, I was maid of honor to my college roommate. Classic best friend story yeah? It was great fun and a memory of that will be in my heart always.

This past weekend, I was there for my oldest friends wedding. She didnt have a wedding party (in classic Mandy "i dont do things like Americans do" fashion) but did surround herself with her friends. I was honored this weekend to be among them and have a hand in the ceremony (close friends walked the aisle, prayed with them during the ceremony and I was in charge of the train!). The intimacy of this ceremony was like none I had ever seen or been a part of. It was beautiful and classy and unique. Perfect.

But there were many moments that made me think. Mostly about the traditional "Mother of the Bride" jobs. I know Im not one to speak on typical family roles, I'll be the first to admit that I'm not as close to my family as I would like to be...but that its my fault as much as theirs, however there are some VERY important things I want my mom to be involved in as/if my life got to the part where I get married.

1. Dress Shopping
2. the rehearsal
3. getting ready
4. changing into the "get away" dress

I also know that she will make me crazy in all of that. ALL of it. Its who she is, its our relationship. Its what I expect. And thats ok. But it is my desire to have all of that. And until then, to grow our relationship. Because I love my friends. They are the family i chose. But the family I grew up with, the one I was born into....they deserve work too.

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