25 June, 2007

camp post one

so, i went to camp last week. im soo glad i got the opportunity to go! being a counslelour at this session was much different than being a camper, i think i appreciate the sacrifice more than i ever did. there were tons of great things that happened this week! SIX baptisms and a whole host of other things! God was truly working out at camp! even though we did loose power for most of one day lol, and it poured on us fr two, we made the best of it! i watched my first ever hannukah ball tournament.....that was a waste if time. my team for team sports was pretty amazing. we didnt lose a game until wednesday! i think it was because everyone was so tired. my morning games didnt go over so well. ive never done very well with explaining things.... there were no major injuries which is always a good thing

more later

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