02 July, 2007

its weird, ive just found out some things that make me see certain people in a different light. and not nessecarily for the better. its not a very good feeling, i looked up to these people at one time.
i dont know what to do.


  1. Uh Oh, I'm sorry you had to find out about my secret obcession with noy bands this way. But seriously it doesn't change the person that I am.

    j/k Sorry I couldn't resist. Yeah, it really does suck when you realize things about people that change your view of them. Remind me to tell you later about a surprising revelation from this weekend.

  2. What I do is realize that everyone is human. When we raise up other people, I think we have to realize that we are unintentially giving them farther to fall. Not to say that it is not OK to respect people and look up to them. I just need to be careful not to overlook the fact that they are human too. People disappoint. God never does.