30 November, 2007

o the places youll go!

well, at least vicariously through me!
heres the agenda for our trip (in case you wanted to pray for our safety/ just wanted to know where in the world i was)
Dec 1- 3 PARIS!
Dec. 6 ROME (for the afternoon)
Dec. 9 Milan (for the afternoon)
Dec. 10 back to London
Dec 11. HOME! (after a 10 hour and then 2 hour flight......)

thats pretty much it! weve tried to find hostels that have free internet but we shall see how that works when we get there. if i do get internet for short spurts ill be updating my parents thru email before i get to this....so ask them lol, and if you dont have that number then thats probably for the best!

have a wonderful week!

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