30 November, 2007

last one for awhile

today is our last day./.....but ill get to that later

yesterday we packed and cleaned....which doesnt even look like much because it seems that we will be doing that all day today as well! we went out for lunch to a great place called Dionusys and all i had was hoummus but it was great! amanda and i shipped some stuff home (uber expensive, but im glad HU gave us money to cover it) and the we went to our final group dinner at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese....it was ok apparently some guy wrote the dictionary there...idk. i had bought a bag of poppers and we popped them EVERYWHERE and then drank some sparkling white grape juice to be all riske' hahahaha.
then i got my final back for english. not only did i get 100% but i got 5 bonus points AND a 100% A in the class.
not that im bragging or anything
no really, im just excited

did you know you had lymph nodes in the back of your head? well you do. and mine are swollen......

ok, now back to today. im doing my last load of laundry right now. im in the computer lab so i dont have to climb so many stairs! but its gonna be over so soon. and its bittersweet. i mean, this being over just brings us one step closer to the homes weve longed for for so long (o man im getting sappy). but im gonna miss everyone so much.

im already crying

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