28 November, 2007

an update much llike the last

last classes! thats right, we are DONE and as im typing this i only have one final left!
we also stood in line and got tickets to King Lear with Ian Mckellen! it was a good show
we went to stratford and warwick castle. both were really fun, we had to say goodby to tony, our faithful driver (we only didnt have him once) he was really nice and a great person. im gonna miss him. and the bus that was our home for so long!
first two finals over! we went to abbey road and took pictures and got some memorobilia! we met this really nice lady in the Elvis shop who gushed about American and made Amanda and i want to cry and go home immediately. at least there are ony 13 days! we also went back to the British Museum to take pictures and have begun to wind down, im already packing and trying to clean as i go! its tough when you cant just put things in bags to take home in the car! on the agenda for tonight- watching RENT and studying.....

so, the blog that i read all the time now got me interested in taking close-up pictures. at first it was just really fun but now, it gets me looking into the small things in life. yes, large, beautiful things are impressive. but those are so usually man-made. what about the small gifts, like flowers that God gives us? those are the best gifts and the most beautiful i think. so thank you ree, for helping me see the beauty in the small stuff!

the fact that this is an LSU flower is just coicidence......it was just one that i had edited today and i loved it!

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