24 November, 2007

the update to end all updates!

man, ive been slacking! so sorry!
ok, so since my last post, Michelle has come and gone, and so have like two weeks! weve been going non-stop. especially when we realize that we leave London in a week! GAH! Amanda and i are getting our free travel plans ready. We are going to Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Florence and Milan and then we are coming back to London b/c thats where our fligh leaves from.
hmm, Thanksgiving was good.
Windsor Castle was fun again, saw this really cool dollhouse of Queen Mary's. It had real electricity and the cars ran on gas and the books in the library were written just for her! and then we saw the dolls that had been given to Princess Margaret and Elizabeth..they were HUGE! think "my-size barbie". and the clothes were made by real designers.....and they had cars.
Today was alot of fun, Amanda and I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum, the to the Christmas Village outside of the Natural History Musuem and then we cued up for Macbeth b/c its sold out for the rest of the run (which is only a week) becuase PATRICK STEWART is in it and i met him and got his autograph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
also, Paul McCartney was at the show....but he ran away out a different exit...lame i know!

This past Sunday at Wembley was different. A couple of weeks ago, they didnt have a lesson...just singing and The Lords Supper and then they asked all visitors to leave. We had/have no idea what was/is going on, but the difference in the whole demeanor of the church was so apparent! they were much friendlier and the songs were newer, the spirit seemed to be lifted on everyone! it was welcome. I am sad that this is our last week with them, as i can see how they enjoy having us here with them (our group of 30-ish nearly boosts their numbers ALOT)

nothing else really big more later
miss you!

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