03 December, 2007

we made it to Paris

After an 8-hour bus ride, we got here Saturday afternoon. We went to the Effiel tower that night. Sunday we got up and saw Sarah off and went to look for the boys who were supposed to meet us between 930-10...we waited until 11 for them no show so we went to the Lourve and looked at the line in fear when they finally called and we met up with them, ate and saw them off once again. We went to the train station to reserve tickets.....which made us HOPE that buying Eurail passes actualls saves up money...cos so far it doesnt! We went to the Moulin Rouge to take pics, and to the Effiel Tower...but we went up that time. It was soooo windy, and i was really scared but thats ok. Today (monday) we woke up early to get in line to go into the Lourve. of course there wasnt one! so that was good. we wandered around for a couple of hours and saw the big things we wanted to and many things we didnt. Sortie means exit here....but the arrows point ALL OVER THE PLACE! its frustrating and a little funny to see the differences from the efficiencient English culture to the laid-back"ness" of the French. anyway we went to the Arc de Triuph (and walked over a mile up the Champs-Elysee to get there and save money). After that we went to the Effiel tower (for those of you counting, thats THREE times lol) and took pictures during the day. We are ready to catch our train, its just not time to leave yet :( but soon! and then to Barcelona!

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