17 November, 2007

so yesterday i was reading my new years resolutions

and i have NOT been doing very well at all
no coke
no fries
watch less tv
read my Bible more
keep my grades up

ok,so im actually doing well at the last two. but the rest.....the no coke and fries thing went out the window in february. it comes back every now and then but doesnt stick. and tv. o dear. esp last semester and this summer.....there wasnt much else to do! but maybe with the writes strike/not having anything good to watch here ill be able to cut down....

apparently i missed a good show last night.....i did my best to stay IN bed.....but doing that for 10 straight hours just doesnt suit me....and there are a limited amount of movies here......o well next time a celebrity is in a show maybe i wont be sick........

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