16 November, 2007

so i keep trying to upload pictures

but the lovely internet that we have here isnt tho most reiliable of servers.....so youll just have to wait for the slide show at the surprise coming home party i KNOW you are planning for me!

latest news, my favorite musicals are Hairspray and Wicked.
i got to see both of the shows this week and its official now, i loved the music and in some cases love the movie or other stories that go along with them! they are so wonderful!

in other news Michelle is here visiting during our free days! thats really nice, i dont know when ill get to see her again until AT LEAST july when she returns to the states....so this visit is nice. theres only one downer

im sick. ok, so i have been for awhile now (having to ascend or descend 74 stairs to get anywhere makes life seem longer) but im stubborn, i cant not do things just b/c i dont feel well.....but now im feeling the bad parts of that i think i even got a fever last night as wicked my ears and throat are hurting so bad i dont know how i got to sleep last night/this morning! it sucks that this is happening when chelle is herei dont want to stop doing things, but i dont want to be crabby either. BOOOO!

ok, well im going to try and take a nap before the day begins.....

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