04 May, 2010

Dear Baton Rouge,
While I appreciate your...effort in trying to find me Mr. Right HOWEVER men who do not understand how to begin a conversation/have walmart baskets filled with the oddest things will no longer be tolerated. Got it? Good.
Thanks, keep up the hard work!

In other news, I went to the doctor yesterday. Im thankful for several things after that visit. 1) my doctor is hopeful! she knows i can reverse this and that does a world of difference for me. 2) the medicine she prescribed for me is associated with weight loss! 3) it may not be prediabetes...but thats where the bad stuff starts. It could be polycystic ovaries which isnt great either. And if I begin to have an adverse reaction to this medication, I have to learn how to give myself shots. Everyday. Ugh.
But we are looking on the bright side. Im in the process of changing not only the way I eat but the way I think about eating which is so very hard. Im taking baby steps, right now its portions. I am striving to eat what I need instead of what I want. This is a huge battle! I cant tell you the number of times I ate because I was sad or upset or I ate to finish my plate or or or or. The exercise is the annoying part. Im embarrassed to do anything outside of my house but (see, excuses...im done now)

Things are looking up. Im excited about this change!

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  1. I believe in you, Courtney! :) Glad you're taking care of YOU. Hang in there. We miss you around here.