02 May, 2010

So this weekend, Ive stuck with my mantra. Only diet cokes and a conscious effort to not eat candy. Of course, I dont usually have trouble with that unless Im at school. This is going to be a tough week for me, not knowing all of the details of whats going on inside me yet starting a new diet plan on a trial basis. Its one of those pre-packaged meals dealios. There are shakes, bars, puddings, oatmeal and soups to choose from to eat 5 times a day with one "Lean and green" meal on your own. Its going to be a BIG change for me, eating six times a day, most days I have trouble with the normal 3 but I deserve to be healthy! Le Chaim! Im ready to break free of this wall Ive put up and be the person I know is inside. Plus I have some outside motivation as well! Camp is coming up....we are a very active group and I dont usually have a whole lot of trouble keeping up with activities, it'd be swell if I could get just a few pounds off though! And of course, my best friends wedding. The dress is bought and lovely but Im really working on my shoulders and arms as the style of the dress shows them off....i want them to be somewhat show-offable! Im not doing everything I can just yet but Im working on it!
I CANNOT become diabetic......I just wont let it happen. Being aggressive is the only gameplan for me. Even though I hate what Ive gotten myself into, I am liking this can-do spirit its brought out in me!

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