02 March, 2010


Im getting over the flu. To be specific, im getting over a cough that led to a sinus infection that led to the flu. It has been a long three days in bed but a good respite from the world, from constantly going, from work.
Once again, I realized that I need time alone, to think, to reflect, to be me
I finally had time to clean my room! I unpacked that last suitcase and have gotten so much put away, i feel accomplished but I cant say that Im home just yet. My sister wants a friend to move in next school year and I dont know if I can continue to put up with college drama-Carmen doesnt have it, the other girl will. Im praying for an affordable apartment so that I can pay my bills and such.
Yesterday I decided to encourage everyone I came across that needed it. It felt wonderful. Its been a long time since I could do that and not feel that it came from me. That alone, knowing my words came from God and not expecting thanks was very freeing. I know my searching is coming to an end, this wandering feeling is going away. I love the solid ground I stand on. And I didnt have to go to church to find it, but not being there left a hole in me. I know Im at the right place for me, for what God wants from me.
So pray for me, pray for me until I can for sure pray for yall again. Because I know that saying you are in my thoughts and my heart isnt enough. I want to give it to God but im just not ready yet, so pray.

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